On-Hold Audio System: award-winning telephone audio message
   with music-on-hold product for every size organization or business! 
   Gospelbiz On-Hold Audio System is the innovative on-hold audio
   solution for small offices, home offices, churches and larger sized
   enterprises and the best part is; there are
   Gospelbiz On-Hold Audio Systems offers a complete telephone
   message and music-on-hold software and hardware product which
   will allow any organization or business regardless of its size, to
   present a professional image of a large, stable, thriving corporation.



Our critically acclaimed GOHP 7000 CD Autoload digital on-hold system records directly to digital flash memory from an ordinary audio CD.

Now even small offices and home offices can have on-hold audio on ordinary analog or KSU-less phones. 

Gospelbiz On-Hold Audio System is a distributor of leading-edge, high-quality music and message-on-hold audio hardware and software products.

Gospelbiz On-Hold Audio Systems